Orbital Solar Services brings comprehensive project management and quality construction to substations, solar farms and public utility projects

The Orbital Difference

Orbital Solar Services brings comprehensive project management and quality construction solutions to utility scale solar customers.

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Partnering for Success

More than 150 satisfied customers with over 50 projects completed….selecting the right contractor to partner with your business is essential.

Training the Next Generation

Unbound Horizons is a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion program to attract, employ, develop, and provide a career path in the solar construction industry to underserved and disadvantaged individuals.

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Working Across the Country

From coast-to-coast Orbital Solar Services is ready to support your sustainable world.

Expert Implementation

Focused on developing repeatable processes, Orbital ensures safe predictable results regardless of project type, size or location.

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Orbital Solar Services: Building a More Sustainable World

Orbital Solar Services provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) expertise in the renewable energy industry partnering with solar developers and panel manufacturers in the utility scale solar market.

Our team of experienced professionals draw upon a wealth of knowledge and field expertise; bringing reliable, comprehensive services to customers.


Building a More Sustainable World

Renewable Energy Construction Experts

Orbital Solar Services, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a solid track record of supporting utility scale solar customers —executing on over 40 projects to date.

As a specialty utility scale solar service provider, Orbital Solar has considerable expertise in renewable energy project delivery from conception through completion. From construction to risk mitigation and schedule management, we take a hands-on approach – offering a detailed and comprehensive project plan, customized to clients’ individual objectives.

We develop and rely upon repeatable processes to provide our customers with a safe, high quality, predictable result at a cost that meets customer expectations. Our quest for safety, quality and overall customer satisfaction underlies everything we do.

Orbital Solar’s EPC services to the utility scale industry is directly contributing to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Orbital Solar can be a “one stop shop” with our complete renewable energy solutions. We provide EPC services for utility scale solar developers.

We are staffed with experienced engineers, procurement, construction and project management personnel, who all have extensive experience in the renewable energy sector. We do not just provide service for our clients; we partner with them for the long run.

We understand the significance of selecting the right service provider to partner with in your business. At Orbital Solar Services, we lead projects with the client’s best interests in mind, making the process as efficient as possible. Every step of the way, our team is prepared to make your project a success.

At Orbital Solar Services, we adhere to a strict set of guidelines that promote efficiency within an arranged schedule and budget. We pride ourselves on successfully delivering:

  • RComprehensive pre-construction services
  • R Carefully planned and detailed schedules
  • RClear communication and coordination
  • RProject specific safety plans
  • RCost-control reporting
  • RClose monitoring for potential issues

Fresh ideas. Measurable Results

As a premier construction contractor, Orbital Solar Services delivers quality construction and project management all under one roof to ensure the successful completion of utility scale solar projects. Our customer-first approach allows us to provide reliable, detailed work aimed at exceeding your project goals.

  • R50+ projects completed
  • R600 MW+ team’s combined experience
  • R150+ satisfied customers

Building an Inclusive Workforce: Unbound Horizons

The Unbound Horizons program is designed to provide job opportunities to disadvantaged individuals and meaningful career opportunities in the solar industry. Our goal is to bridge the equity gap between underserved communities and the solar industry by developing recent high school graduates, veterans, and the formerly incarcerated.

Unbound Horizons is a comprehensive training program that offers a sustainable path to success through a holistic approach which includes industry education, life skills training, mentorship, career guidance and job placement opportunities through Orbital Infrastructure Group and its subsidiaries. The program utilizes the classroom, hands-on approaches, shadowing and on-the-job training to ensure adequate application of the skills required to succeed.

The purpose of this program is to increase the accessibility of sustainable jobs and create a more diverse workforce in our industry. Unbound Horizons is a catalyst to provide opportunities in the solar industry to disadvantaged individuals in underserved communities. With that in mind, the program provides tools to effectively manage health and wellness, personal finances, career growth and development.

“The Unbound Horizons program demonstrates OIG’s commitment to extend equal employment opportunities to disadvantaged individuals interested in pursuing careers in the renewable industry, and also to give those individuals the opportunity to achieve goals and accomplish successes that they might not have otherwise experienced.”
-Jim O’Neil, vice-chairman and CEO, Orbital Infrastructure Group

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