Electric Substation Construction

Efficiency from Conception to Completion

Orbital Power Inc. has field leadership and skilled craftspeople capable of managing an electric substation construction project from conception to completion. We have the experience to provide safe and quality work on new installations, design/build, and construction of high voltage electric substations, including site preparation and fencing, foundations, steel erection and bus welding, upgrades, transformer relocation, energizing, and testing.

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Experienced in Substation and Drilled Pier Foundation Construction

Eclipse Foundation Group, an OIG company and part of the Orbital Power Services group, has vast experience in all phases of electric substation construction – from earth moving to pouring concrete foundations. We are able to utilize our specialized low overhead drilling equipment to perform all construction and refurbishment projects. Our ability to produce in all working environments without de-energizing is a key capability of Eclipse Foundation Group, as energized overhead lines are often present.

Our work crews maneuver around substations with tight access with ease, using low clearance equipment such as our Limited Access Drilling Series equipment that is designed to deliver deep-drilling capabilities to very restricted accessibility work areas. With attachment heights under 7 feet, these small rigs can drill to depths up to 70 feet making it ideal for substation projects and tight areas.

For projects in tough rock drilling situations with limited accessibility, Eclipse utilizes low mast low clearance rock drilling rigs capable of drilling under 21 feet of clearance with more than 100,000 pounds of crowd force and delivering 170,000 pounds of rotary torque capable of coring and drilling larger diameter holes in excess of 10 feet in diameter. Eclipse has the right equipment for every unique project drilling up to 16 feet in diameter at depths of 100 feet.

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