Foundation Construction

Building a Strong Foundation

Building a Strong Foundation

Specializing in transmission lines, Eclipse Foundation Group is a turnkey deep foundation construction provider best known for its work within the electric transmission, electric substation, industrial, telecommunication, and emergency restoration industries.

Eclipse focuses on foundation design for all terrains, offering a portfolio of foundation design solutions to the electric transmission and substation, industrial, and telecommunication sectors.

  • =Drilled Piers/Anchor Bolted Foundations
  • =Direct Embedded Structures and Pole Setting
  • =Vibratory Caisson
  • =Impact Caisson
  • =Amphibious Equipment, Cranes and Transports
  • =Auger Drilling
  • =Slurry Drilling
As a full service solution provider, Eclipse evaluates the site conditions to recommend the optimum foundation solution with the proper method of installation, whether that be slurry drilling, case drilling, rock drilling, core drilling, helical anchor, driven vibratory or driven impact hammer.
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Performing Under Protocol

When dealing with any construction project, especially the foundation build, it is essential for our employees to follow the highest procedural standards and feel secure and empowered to do what is necessary to ensure the safety of the workers, the surrounding environment, and the formation itself.

OIG and its companies implement several training programs focused on specialized jobs, ensuring proper protocols are followed, certifications are attained and maintained, and report analysis is available.

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